Who was involved

Alana Kumbier is a member of the Boston Radical Reference Collective, a research & instruction librarian at Wellesley College, a zine-maker & letterpress printer, and a queer variety artist.

The Boston Radical Reference Collective is a group of volunteer library workers who believe in social justice and equality. We support activist communities, progressive organizations, artists, and independent media-makers by providing professional research support, education and access to information.

Danny Mekonnen is a Ethiopian-American jazz saxophonist and founder of Debo Band–a musical collective that performs “unique interpretations of classic Ethiopian popular music, bring[ing] together the best of the last forty years of Ethiopian music, with a reverence for the vintage sounds of the 1970s and a commitment to discovering contemporary gems, as well as developing new compositions.”

Dirk Adams

Don Schaefer has been a Boston artist and image maker for over 40 years. He’s had plenty of time to observe the evolving culture, both in Boston and the US. Early in his career he worked and studied with the principals of the Direct Cinema movement, know as Cinéma Vérité. He’s worked with all the emerging media technologies of that time (before the advent of the digital age) and observed how they empowered each generation. In 2007 he co-founded an international self-help group of professional image makers, Pro-Imaging.org, and currently works on their campaign to protect all people from corporate and government media exploitation through http://artists-bill-of-rights.org. Locally, Mr. Schaefer is a steering committee member with the Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition. MALC, its meetings, and connected working groups are designed to bring together artist leaders of all disciplines and artist(s) run organizations, initiatives, and businesses around key issues facing Massachusetts artists working in all disciplines. Though participants may have different perspectives on how best to address the issues facing our community, we are all committed to improving the social and economic position of all Massachusetts artists. The overall goal is to empower our community, support our artists leaders, and to mentor new artists leaders. We want to ensure that artists are at the policy making table. MALC is free to join.

Somerville’s Factory Seconds, subscribes to a stone soup, bring-what-you’ve-got style of collaborative music making. The results are sometimes awkward, sometimes raucous mix of songs from surf rock, klezmer, “jazz,” and other folk traditions.

Gang Clan Mafia creates improvised, live sound. It is a sound collage, landscape, journey and conversation. Video, installation, and performance actions are used as a visual Transportation Pod. Gang Clan Mafia is: Vela (turntable,samplers, knobs, transmissions, video); mrdirky (found sound, constructed sound, mic, effects, video).

Heather McCann

The Massachusetts Pirate Party is the only party that is focused on the following issues: Defending Your Privacy; Promoting Culture & Knowledge Through Copyright Reform;  Fostering Innovation by Abolishing Patents; Opening up Government; and Putting People Before Corporations.

Miguel Danielson is an attorney and principal at the Cambridge-based intellectual property law firm Danielson Legal LLC. Mr. Danielson is expert in trademark, copyright, and licensing issues and represents clients in a wide range of industries including software and Internet technology, publishing, music and entertainment, and consumers goods.

Sheri Mason has been the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Director of Legal Services since September 2007, and concentrates her practice on art and non-profit law. Sheri has worked with artists and arts organizations in various areas of law including copyright and trademark law, assignment and licensing agreements, collaboration and publishing agreements, and nonprofit incorporation. In addition, she works directly with artists and arts organizations and assists them with locating volunteer attorneys for their legal needs. She is also an associate at the firm Morse Barnes-Brown and Pendleton.

“Sonic Outlaws” is a documentary by Craig Baldwin. It follows the issues surrounding Negativland’s parady of U2, and “other intellectual property controversies across the contemporary arts scene.”

Vela Phelan

—The organizers—

David Taber

Tim Devin


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