Saturday, May 21

130pm. Copyright Offense and Defense for Artists (and Q&A about copyright and alternatives)
Intellectual Properties lawyer Miguel Danielson will give us a lay of the land on how to protect creative work, and the limits that other people’s ideas can be put to legally. He’ll talk about copyright, and copyright alternatives–as well as infringement, cease-and-desists, and Negativland-like issues.

3pm. Recent Trends in Artists Rights (and Q&A about VLA services)
Sheri Mason, Director of Legal Services for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of Mass., will talk about recent trends in the world of artists and intellectual property. She will also be able to answer questions you might have about VLA.

430pm. Culture Should be Shared, Not Monopolized
In the United States, copyright was originally intended as a means to promote the creation of works of literature by giving the creator a monopoly over their works for between fourteen and twenty eight years.  After a work’s copyright expired, it was released into the public domain for all to use. Over time, the duration of copyright has grown to the life of the author plus seventy years and it has gotten more restrictive with the advent of Digital Rights Managment (DRM) locks on media and the increasing criminalization of copyright infringement. During this talk, James O’Keefe of the Massachusetts Pirate Party will explore the evolution of copyright, alternatives to it, what is needed to ensure that copyright remains a tool for the promotion of culture and not its subjugation by the few.

7pm. “Sonic Outlaws”
We’ll be showing a documentary by Craig Baldwin (with his permission), called “Sonic Outlaws.” It follows the issues surrounding Negativland’s parody of U2, and “other intellectual property controversies across the contemporary arts scene.”

Sunday, May 22

2pm. Create, Don’t Appropriate: The Dangers of Misplaced Anger in the War on Corporate Mass Media Culture
Don Schaefer will speak about why copyright is important to protect creators–so that they can keep making a living, supporting their families, and producing more work. We are all creators and need to recognize and respect the value of our work while respecting each other. Don will also discuss the Artist’s Bill of Rights, which he helped write; and the other initiatives he is part of that seek to protect artists’ work.

315pm. Artists Who Appropriate and the Art That They Make.
Panel: Alana Kumbier; Danny Mekonnen; and Gang Clan Mafia (Dirk Adams & Vela Phelan
A discussion with artists about ethical and philosophical issues around using other people’s ideas and work to create new work. When is it okay? How do you do it respectfully? Is there a line between being inspired by work and appropriating it? Are there different ethical implications for borrowing ideas from folk or Do It Yourself efforts and professionally produced work that is subject to active legal protection? How do folks feel constrained by copyright rules? Confirmed panelists include Danny Mekonnen, founder of the Boston-based Ethiopian groove collective Debo Band and Alana Kumbier, editor of the recently produced zine “Because the Boss Belongs to Us: Queer Femmes on Bruce Springsteen” and organizer of the queer cabaret show “Prove It All Night: Queers Do the Boss.”

430pm. Boston Radical Reference Workshop / “Show-And-Tell/ Open Discussion”
In this participatory workshop, members of the Boston Radical Reference Collective will facilitate a discussion about go-to sources for media/texts to repurpose & adapt; your favorite places to share work; and online spaces for extra-institutional, textual resource-sharing & interaction. Participants will collaborate with BRRC members to create a resource guide for Play-Jurisms participants & other interested folks.

Open discussion
Painters, print-makers, collagists, videographers, writers and other creative peoples are invited to share and/or talk about works that include appropriated material and ideas . Share your work’s genealogy—what all is in there, why is it important, what strategies, if any, did you use to obtain permission for the appropriated material?

7pm. Gang Clan Mafia’s new piece, “Gang Clan Mafia Sings Happy Birthday to You, Pac Man”
Gang Clan Mafia creates improvised, live sound. It is a sound collage, landscape, journey and conversation. Video, installation, and performance actions are used as a visual Transportation Pod. Gang Clan Mafia is: Vela (turntable,samplers, knobs, transmissions, video); mrdirky (found sound, constructed sound, mic, effects, video).

8pm. Factory Seconds performance (and party)
Somerville’s Factory Seconds, subscribes to a stone soup, bring-what-you’ve-got style of collaborative music making. The results are sometimes awkward, sometimes raucous mix of songs from surf rock, klezmer, “jazz,” and other folk traditions.


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